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adjective nim·ble \ˈnim-bəl\

: agile in movement

: quick to understand, think, devise

We use Design Thinking to turn your vision into reality

Design thinking identifies and investigates with known and ambiguous aspects of the current situation to discover hidden parameters and open alternative paths that may lead to the goal.

Because design thinking is iterative, intermediate “solutions” are also potential starting points of alternative paths, including redefining of the initial problem , with the intent of an improved future result.

Ways that we use Design Thinking to help software driven companies:

Launch true MVP’s

90% of MVP’s are:

  • not Minimal (scope creep)
  • not Viable (business models not vetted)
  • not Products (just a mashup of features)

Let’s face it entrepreneurial enthusiasm can be a blessing and a curse. The blessing is the unique perspective to solve problems others don’t see. The curse is often not knowing when to stop with ideation/building and transitioning to a MVP launch.

We have used design thinking methods to launch positive ROI products 50% faster and at a 33% of the cost of previously scoped out parameters. If you are willing to put the necessary time and effort upfront the payoff can be beyond your expectations.

Design Sprints and Rapid Prototyping

If every organization had the internal support, resources, and mindset to be as “disruptive” as their management wants them to be we would live in a world closer to the Matrix than we live in today. We understand – we have been there too. You need to focus on sustaining and growing the business you already have. Often you don’t have the time or resources to setup and execute a Design Sprint or Rapid Prototyiping session.

We have the resources and expertise to design and run these sessions for you. Our approach follows Google Ventures Design Sprint methods with proven results so all you have to do is bring a Beginner’s Mind to the table and take an active role in the creation process instead of the planning, administration and facilitation.

Operational Transformation

Congratulations, your MVP has hit the market and you have a few happy customers. Now what? Scaling up is hard to do. The majority of startups fail. Here are the stats to prove it. Having a “figure it out as we go” attitude will only get you so far and often leads to Growth Bankruptcy (depletion of resources: such as capital, human or personal in the chase of growth).

We use design thinking principles to step in and create clarity from chaos. We start with the future goals in mind and create an actionable plan for scalability. Depending on each unique situation this can include plan creation only or plan execution.

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